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To Accomodate All Countries

Dues to International charges


If you LIVE IN CANADA please Contact me before any payment. Thank you

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Expérience étonnante ! Douleurs terribles au niveau de l’épaule droite depuis plus de 6 mois. Des dizaine de séances d’ostéopathie, des centaines comprimés anti douleur consommés…. Les seules solutions pour les médecins, me faire une infiltration et/ou mettre une plaque de métal le long de la colonne vertébrale afin de soutenir mes disques. Je n’arrive presque plus à taper a l’ordi ; je suis sur le point d’envisager de quitter mon emplois qui me demande de rester plus de 9h par jour devant un écran…. Gilles et « sa famille magique », on résolu mon problème en 2 séances ! via Skype …. Le plus surprenant c’est que je me trouve en Irlande et eux au Canada. Aussi incroyable que cela puisse paraitre c’est une histoire vrai…. C’est mon histoire ! Aujourd’hui je n’ai aucune douleur et je vais enfin pouvoir reprendre le sport et avoir une vie normal. Merci Gilles et a « sa famille magique », Michel HB”


“Dear Gilles, Words are not strong enough for me to express my thanks for the wonderful experience I had with you yesterday! I felt the killing  tension and heavy thoughts I’ve had recently disappeared and there was light instead! It was so beautiful and powerful that it’s hard to describe. I am so happy I’ve met you. Thank you for giving me hope and help.L


MOST POPULAR: Powerful Light $110 per session or $345 for 4 sessions (reg p. $440)


  • MOST POWERFUL: 4 Sessions (GL TC  SO TC ) $545 for 4 sessions (reg p. $720)
  • Reiki Master Session ( 45 min of Relaxation)$75

  • Unbearable pain severe blockage, EMERGENCY : Pain Reduction $149 
  • Acupressure  (only in person) $39

    • Healing your Animals and pets: $110    (Give the best to your pet)
    • Healing you Animal 7 Sessions for $599 Emergency or Severe Blockage (regular price $770)

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Distant Healing :  

Every service but Acupression can be delivered remotely. 90% of the testimonial on this website was after a remote healing.

(Our Clients just love this method to receive Powerful healing in the comfort of their home)

  • From $110 to $600 Depends on how severe is the Blockage

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 Clearing and Blessing To change the frequency of  Space. A Good flow of energy (FengShui) could transform your finances beyond your expectation ( Up to 2500 Sq/f)  $1500

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  • 30 Sessions : High healing frequency sessions
  •  20 Tao Calligraphy daily Healing sessions.
  • 4 GY Healing (once a week)
  • 4 SO.Extremely powerful (once a week)

         TOTAL : $2995 ( Reg. Price $6600)

Remotely or in person

A distance ou en personne.



  • 20 Sessions High Healing Frequency
  • 4 GY Healing sessions
  • 4 SO Sessions
  • 3 Month of follow up with a dietetician
  •          TOTAL : $2995 ( Reg. Price $5200)

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  • Reiki Class Level 1 Certification (Heal yourself and others): $200
  • Reiki Class Level 2 Certification (Learn Remote Healing) : $345

About the class:

“The level 2 Reiki Certification with Gilles was wonderful.  I love the way Gilles shows reverence to the work.   The class room setting was intimate and comfortable.  We practised healings and I almost had an outer body experience while receiving treatment. It was so divine.  I honestly would recommend this course with Gilles.  In Reiki 2 you receive a lot of the symbols and Gilles really focuses on his students being able to draw and connect with the symbols.  He explains how healing it can be to engage in the act of calligraphy and he is a kind and patient teacher, very encouraging and supportive.  One of the greatest gifts he offers is continued support.  He is also a flexible and understanding teacher.  I would do this course with Gilles all over again!   Thank you so much for sharing this great gift with me!!! Oh, and thank you for the other gifts as well.  You are so kind.” T.B  Toronto Ontario

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  • Self-Healing Class  ( Learn how to heal yourself with Sacred Ancient Healing Techniques)1 hour : $40

Gilles doing a Practice to boost lwer dan tian

Self- Healing Courses can be done in person or remotely through skype


“J’ai commencé le programme depuis moins d’une semaine, pour des soucis de poids et avec le stress des envies compulsives de manger manger ! En quelques jours je suis deja moins sujet au stress, et moins donc d’envies compulsives. Ma relation avec mon corps est entrain de changer, il ya des aliments dont je ressens qu’ils ne vont pas avec moi, sans faire d’effort particulier, juste une évidence, tout ça en moins d’une semaine !”     Olivier                                                               






*additional cost might be applied if transportation takes longer than 1 hour


To Accomodate All Countries

Dues to International charges


If you LIVE IN CANADA please Contact me before any payment. Thank you

Disclaimer:  The information contained herein is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any diseases or medical problems. It is not intended to replace your doctor’s recommendations. Benefits may vary from one person to another.
† Testimonials on this page were provided by real customers after using my services. No incentive has been offer in In return for their honest feedback, it is an action from their heart. Most of the Images used with the testimonials are not real in order to protect the privacy of these people.



5 Comments to PRICES

  1. Célia says:

    This was so efficient!
    I was suffering from migraines and do not like taking pills, so I decided to try something more natural that would not have any negative side effects on my body. After just one session, I felt immediate relief. I strongly recommand you try a session with Gilles.


  2. Manny says:



    • admin says:

      Hello Manny, I will send you an email to have more details. Then we can start. it will be my honour to serve you.
      Love peace and harmony. Gilles

  3. Jamie says:

    I started off taking acupressure with Gilles in the Fall of 2016. A very informative and useful class allowed me to gain confidence in understanding more about the human body and alternative treatment that truly works. Gilles’ supportive teaching style made me want to take more of his classes. More recently I have started Gilles’ class on ‘Self Healing through Sound and Vibration’. I am happily implementing the techniques he has shown us and seeing such a difference in my daily life with the way I handle stress as a kindergarten teacher, my energy and focus throughout the day. In particular the song ‘Love Peace and Harmony’ has become part of every day for not only myself, but for my students who actually ask to hear it and immediately notice when it has stopped. In addition, Gilles also helped me through acupuncture, reiki and energy work with chronic, very severe, debilitating menstrual pains that I have experienced for years. I have tried everything from pain killers to all alternative forms of treatment to deal with this. I have even had acupuncture from several different practitioners on an ongoing basis for almost 10 years. In ONE session with Gilles I have seen more results than I have ever experienced! Not only does Gilles have an amazing ability himself, but he teaches his clients to learn the same techniques to help themselves and not have to rely on anyone else long term. Gilles’ caring, compassionate, empathetic way of living radiates around him. He truly breaths optimism and encourages everyone around him to do the same. Gilles I thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your journey with me and instilling the desire within to reach my full potential of love, peace and harmony.

    • Jamie says:

      *UPDATE* To followup with the above post now 8 months later. My CD for Love Peace and Harmony was stuck in my car CD player for the entire summer ( a fuse needed to be replaced) so I stopped listening to it and since I was on holidays I was out of routine and not resorting to my practices which Gilles taught me. My menstrual pains over those months were unbearable, my energy and mood also started to drop. Upon going back to work, getting into routine and fixing my CD player I have regained so much strength! During my last menstrual cycle my cramps were 100% gone! My energy is more incredible than ever. I really feel that my daily practices which Gilles taught me have made a huge difference and it’s so clear to me after the lapse how valuable a tool they really are! I am now taking acupressure part 2 to continue to learn, grow, help myself and others. Love, Peace and Harmony : )

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