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    • 3 hours workshop 
    • 2 Days Workshop with Certification Acupressure Level 1


“Hello GillesI just want to say thank you for the relief you provided the past week. When I came to your class and mentioned I had a splitting headache all day, you immediately came to me and within only a minute or two the pain was gone. I was surprised that all the pills I had taken to ease the pain did not work but your healing powers relieved me almost immediately. Your ability to heal is a truly great gift. Thank you again. Frank


I count my self very fortunate to have you as my first acupuncture teacher, the lessons are so interesting that I hardly noticed time flies by

My husband is very impressed with your work . We wish you God’s blessings and a Happy Holiday . Mary Toh
Acupressure Course Level 2
The Power of sounds and Vibration to Self-heal



 Yesterday I came to the class with lot of emotional sadness, grief and pain. I felt heavy, lifeless and empty. I tried really hard to hide it. Gilles spotted it immediately and gave me and the whole class extra (only few! 🙂 minutes of his powerful mixture of healing. After almost one whole week of deep suffering I walked out of his class with very beautiful, light almost dance and happy smile on my face. Thank you, Gilles, for such a dedication to learn from Master Sha and your unconditional desire to share it with us ♡ one love. Ilona Zacharda

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This is the Starting point of your Reiki Journey. This training and transmission will allow you to channel this wonderful energy to self heal or Heal others. You will be able to transmit energy to any living things (Human, animals, plants,…). Reiki Energy will also help you to transform Relationships and other aspects of life. You will Receive a detailed, extensive training manual with illustrations.

.A certificate will be given upon completion of course

Honour Fee: $150 


 Gilles doing a Practice to boost lwer dan tianGilles leading a Sacred Self-Healing Practice to Boost your Energy


What Kind of Power you can receive ?

.light power copy


The second level of Reiki will allow you to increase tremendously your healing power. I will introduce to you the power of the Calligraphies for self healing and healing others. In this class we will manage time to learn and practice your calligraphies.

The attunement of Reiki Level 2 will allow you to do Distant Reiki. You will be able to offer service and heal people that are not in front of you. Reiki Level 2 will give you Tremendous Healing power !

Reiki Level 1 is a Pre-requisite for this class


“The level 2 Reiki Certification with Gilles was wonderful.  I love the way Gilles shows reverence to the work.   The class room setting was intimate and comfortable.  We practised healings and I almost had an outer body experience while receiving treatment. It was so divine.  I honestly would recommend this course with Gilles.  In Reiki 2 you receive a lot of the symbols and Gilles really focuses on his students being able to draw and connect with the symbols.  He explains how healing it can be to engage in the act of calligraphy and he is a kind and patient teacher, very encouraging and supportive.  One of the greatest gifts he offers is continued support.  He is also a flexible and understanding teacher.  I would do this course with Gilles all over again!   Thank you so much for sharing this great gift with me!!! Oh, and thank you for the other gifts as well.  You are so kind.”

                                                                                                                                                         T.B  Toronto Ontario

 A certificate will be given upon completion of course.

Honour Fee: $245  



Learn how to attune student for all level and share the amazing wisdom and the power of Reiki. Learn energy Secrets that will boost your reiki power to the roof.


 Words cannot express how profound my experience has been studying as a reiki student with Gilles Neplaz. Gilles is an incredibly gifted healer and exceptional teacher who goes above and beyond his role as a Reiki Master, tailoring his teaching to the specific needs and goals of his students. What makes Gilles stand out from traditional healers is that he is always able to turn each ‘slip’ into a teaching experiencing, and helps bring out your best self by providing unconditional positive regard, love and acceptance to his students. Through both his words and actions, he encourages his students to live humbled and ego-less lives. I am beyond blessed and honoured to be gifted with the opportunity to work with a genuine servant of God, whose primary focus is to spread love, peace, and harmony to each individual soul and all of humanity” Melissa -Toronto

Reiki Master Honour Fee: $500

 A certificate will be given upon completion of course.








“Dear Gilles,

Self-Heal with the Power of Sounds Vibrations‘, the course you are offering, is truly amazing! Though your teaching, I am fortunate to learn Master Sha’s Divine techniques of self-healing. They stimulate our body energies to flow without physical movements and take just 10 minutes, very effectively and efficiently. I feel warmer and then hot; my palms turn pink and then red; wrinkles on my fingers vanish. When I practiced at home for a short moment, the inner Qi was strong enough to swing my body. Moreover, the song ‘Love Peace and Harmony’ is such a precious gift. I have it playing around the clock. It cleanses my emotion and body blockages, elevating my soul. Gilles, many thanks to you with my appreciations and gratitude. – Shang Guo”








Acupressure Level 1


“Hello Gilles.

I just want to say thank you for the relief you provided the past week. When I came to your class and mentioned I had a splitting headache all day, you immediately came to me and within only a minute or two the pain was gone. I was surprised that all the pills I had taken to ease the pain did not work but your healing powers relieved me almost immediately.
Your ability to heal is a truly great gift.

Thank you again.


“Hi Gilles, First when i joined your Acupressure classes at “study4life”, i thought i have wasted my time. However, after few classes and seeing you as an amazing instructor with tremendously positive energy towards your healing method, i felt confident and enthusiastic to know more about acupressure. It was until i went through a severe battle with migraine and i came to class and you healed it within a matter of few minutes. This was unbelievable to me. I used to always take pain killers for my headache but you proved to me that acupressure works if one knows how to do it effectively. You are a great healer. Thank you for diverging my mind away from pain killers and getting me into the right, no side effects and natural healing therapy.

Thank you Gilles
It was a pleasure to be in your class. I had a lot of fun learning from you. You are very generous with your knowledge and very patient as a teacher.
I wish you and your family wonderful fun filled summer.
It was a pleasure to attend a course taught by Gilles Neplaz. I knew nothing about Acupressure when I joined the class in April 2017. The energy and faith provided by Gilles in the art of healing, definitely got me hooked on learning more about this particular healing process. I wish you and your family the very best. We all have a purpose that we come to this universe with. Yours is really helping many in pain and suffering. Stay blessed!
“Je confirme. Mon energie a decuplee avec les SAN. Et les soins que je prodigue sont ressentis autrement. Ma poigne est differente. Hier marche au parcours du golf 5hr du mat. wow!!!!je continue. Merci Gilles.” Michelle Coralie
“Aujourd’hui Gilles je te remercie de ton intervention sur la santé de mon Pere qui depuis plus de 10ans souffrait et depuis hier soulagement et aujourd’hui grande amélioration ( bien sûr tu ne pourras pas effacé toute les années ) merci à toi et que dieu multiplie ta force de guérison et tes pouvoir qu’il les améliores tous au long de ta vie ” Doryse Delbe

“Bonsoir Gilles, je tiens à remercier Célia et toi pour la précédente formation. Je l’ai trouvée très enrichissante. Les pouvoirs de guérisons ont été accentués et toutes mes douleurs, ma tristesse et mes angoisses sont parties. Je n’éprouve plus les brûlures aux cervicales et les battements de mon coeur jusqu’à maintenant sont régulier. J’ai eu une forme magique ce jour. Si il reste de la place je voudrais assister à la dernière séance de formation.”Camille G.

“Bonjour Gilles, suite à ta conférence j’ai senti un relâchement total de mes lombaires et plus aucune douleur, tes pratiques sont magiques ☉ et importante pour le bien être . Je souhaiterais également être parmis vous mardi prochain si tu n’y vois pas d’inconvénients accompagnée de mon époux et un ami. Je vous souhaite une belle journée à toi et à Celia  “Aurianne Dubois.
“merci pour mon genoux je n’ai plus de douleur depuis……plus de 4 ans et ++ a supporter la douleur que jah te benisse” Issa Loutoby
“Moment magique faire confiance à une personne qui vous dit qu’elle peux vous guérir en MARTINIQUE, chose faite à Gilles en vacances et profite pour guérir encore BRAVO. La première séance commence et rapidement je me rends compte que quelque se passe. Une chaleur parcours mon corps et un bien être s’installe , expérience étonnante au niveau du dos et des genoux Gilles a résolu mon probleme plus aucune douleur aujourdhui .Un bien-être aprés une séance.SUPER CONTENTE MERCIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII♥️ ” Huberte
“Bonsoir Gilles, suite aux soins que tu m’as fait ce matin, je vais beaucoup mieux:
Mon coeur s’est calmé et bat normalement, je n’ai plus de brûlures aux cervicales et je me sens plus zen. Toutes mes tensions musculaires sont guéries. Je te remercie et te dit bonne nuit. Que Dieu te garde. Love peace and harmony “
“C’était une super conférence. On est captivé dès le début. On y apprend pleins de choses sur le corps, les energie, le pouvoir que l’homme a sur son propre corps. C’est magique. Gilles  est un très bon orateur. J’aurais pu y rester encore des heures. Je ne parle même pas du bien être physique et psychique que cela m’a apporté.
Félicitations et espère te voir faire beaucoup plus d’aller retour vers la martinique.” Gaelle Dilemme

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